The Friendship Terrace offers quiet, economical, and efficient living for anyone who qualifies.  Our 30 units are anchored by the multi-purpose building.  Here you will find the administrative offices, board room, as well as laundry facilities, a well equipped common room with a kitchen and large dining area, an area to lounge in and watch TV, all of which are perfect for small family get togethers', group meetings and other social events.
The shot above was stitched together from several photos, but it manages to show the neatly trimmed lawns and shrubbery  that characterize our beautiful facility.  The neat and tidy appearance doesn't stop with the outside.  Each of the units is carefully maintained, and they are frequently upgraded as residents move on.  These modernizations include upgrades to kitchen appliances, counters, cabinets as well as fresh paint, floor coverings and in some cases even bathroom remodels.  While we show some floor plans on this site, it is important to note that we are constantly upgrading the facility and as they become available, many of the units are being remodeled to offer larger living spaces
Many of the folks that live here take advantage of the spacious grounds to plant flower gardens, and even vegetable gardens.  If you look closely in the photo to the left of this paragraph, you will see a nicely tended garden patch, with plenty of room for more.  There is just so much to discover here at Friendship Terrace it is hard to get it all down in words.  It's really best to come for a visit and see for yourself what everyone is talking about!   
Not only do our community members have the advantage of a warm and cozy spot to wait out the cruel Nebraska winters we have been having of late, but also they enjoy not having to scoop snow as well!  In fact, community members are not required to mow, scoop or trim.  Due to the high degree of pride our families have in the facility however, nearly all of our families actively participate in keeping the facility neat and clean.

We also encourage our community members to participate in the governance of our community.  While rules are set by State, Federal and Friend City regulations, many other "local" regulations are set by member of the community themselves.  Our Board is made up of a cross section of folks, including some that live here as well.
Our residents enjoy a wide range of activities including our monthly potluck dinner held in our community room, located centrally within the complex.  Along with a GREAT meal, provided by all the wonderful folks that live here, we also try to schedule some form or entertainment.  On the evening we took these photos, the local father and son team of Paul, and Doug Ramp provided a great round of vocals from the 1930's and the 1940's.  For those of you who remember, it was very reminiscent of Mitch Miller!  A fun sing-a-long!  And the pie was awesome too!